One of my favorites.

Driftwood and Drift Seed Wall Collage, with Sea Heart seed, Ox Eye seed,
prioria copafeira seed, Guanacaste Tree seeds, and Oxyrhynchus trinervias

Driftwood from Costa Rica.

Invitation: Feel your power. Center yourself. Connect to your Inner Higher Self.

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East Wind

“East Wind”


Unique driftwood and sea shell sculpture. Lovely centerpiece for a dining room.

Invitation: Stay open to unexpected possibilities. Receive and celebrate all that is. Seek your passion.

New Dawn

New Dawn $105
New Dawn 

“New Dawn” 

I stained this to make it come alive.


Sea Heart
Manchineel (Hippomane mancinella)
Sea Nut
Crabwood (Carapa guianensis)
Prioria copaifera

Invitation: Color your world with your passion. Dare to be you. Play.


“Wild Winds”

“Wild Winds” 

I have had the center, spiky, elongated pod for years. I love. It is a Pithecoctenium crucigerum, also known as “monkey comb.” I wish I could find more of these.
Hanging pods: Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia) – Known as Woman’s Tongue (Malinche Tree);
Sea Heart (Entada giga)
Guanacaste Seeds
Ox Eye; 
Almond Seeds
Prioria Copafeira (hanging in center)

Invitation: Let your heart be your guide. Seek balance. Hang loose.

Western Direction
Western Direction


This is the third one I made. The bottom dark piece of driftwood is lovely. It has an indigenous feel to me.

Unusual “Monkey Comb” (Apeiba aspera)
Sea Heart
Ox Eyes
Mary’s Bean (crucifixion bean) (Merremia discoidesperma)
Two lovely small black seeds (Oxyrhynchus trinervias)
Guanacaste Tree seed

Long, thin pods

Invitation: Follow your intuition. Heed warnings.

Stairway To Heaven

Stairway to Heaven $195
Stairway to Heaven – 


Brown and white driftwood, with a mix of drift seeds and shells. Includes Sea Heart, Ox Eye, Guanacaste Tree seeds, Grey Nickernut, Little Marble, pods from Acacia Trees, palm fruit stems, and shells from Costa Rica.

Invitation: Follow your heart. Stay on your spiritual path. Be willing to grow.

Felt Relating

Felt Relating $105
Felt Relating – 

Felt Relating – 

A lovely piece with movement and quiet wisdom. The dangling Manicheel (“Little Apple”) seeds add a unique artistic touch.

The top “Monkey Comb” seed is relatively rare.

Other seeds:

Sea Heart

Guanacaste Tree

Ox Eye

Soap Berry

Invitation: Hug the ones you love. Find your tribe. Mingle.

Summer Fun

Summer Fun $45
Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Have to have one for the kids or for your pool deck!

Seeds include:

Malinche tree pods, rubber tree seed, monkey comb. The thorns on the left are lovely, and I have no idea from what tree they come from.

Invitation: Go outdoors. Dance in the moonlight. Have fun.

Tripple Cross

Tripple Cross $75
Tripple Cross (SOLD)

“Tripple Cross.” (SOLD)
I wanted some smaller sculptures to go on either side of a bigger one.

Sea Heart
Ox Eye,
Guanacaste tree,

Shells from Costa Rica.
I love the curly, velvety pods.

Invitation: Let spirit infuse your physical being. Build a strong foundation. Let love be your guide.


Roots $125


A masculine sculpture with a Mayan feel to it.

Malinche tree pods.
Acacia tree pods and seeds (bottom curly ones).
Mimosa Tree G. Triacanthos pods (vertical)
Wood rose petals
Sea Heart
Ox Eye
Manchineel (tan, round seeds)
Guanacaste Tree Seeds

Invitation: Heal your past and find your roots. Stand tall and solid. Set boundaries. Be powerful.