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Since finding a West Indian Locust pod and discovering it had beautiful seeds in it, Charles (my husband, who passed away on September 11, 2016) and I went to different places to find these odd shaped pods and cut them down for their seeds.

We found out that they are a traditional drink in Costa Rica, made by many grandmothers in the old days (but not so much anymore). The tree is called a Guapinol tree. The seeds vary in shape and size according to the tree and size of pod.

These gorgeous Guapinol seeds inspired me to make a few necklaces. Here are some pictures. I also used other seeds and sea beans which we collect from all over Costa Rica.

West Indian Locust (Guapinol) Collection #1

We rode our motorcycles to different places to collect the pods and seeds . Often, I had to break open the pods and clean the seeds. Then, I drilled them and strung them. Drilling is the hardest part for me. As you can see, not only is each necklace hand-crafted, but it is also hand loved!

This new interest which took us to beautiful secluded places where we interacted with nature in an intensely real way. Looking for and finding seed pods was interesting, grounding, enjoyable, connecting, and a lot of fun. We would joke that “It’s Christmas every day for us” when we found this new passion.

Each necklace was made with lots of care and carries all of this personal meaning within it. I made sure that the colors and structure bring out the beauty of each seed to create a whole experience of natural art. It was an honor for me to share Costa Rica’s beautiful gifts with others!

I have stopped making necklaces, but I had a lot of fun doing so.


I created two “lines” of necklaces: My “NATURAL ELEGANCE” line was of more-sophisticated and elegant necklaces. In fact, it’s hard to see that they are actually made of natural materials! My “TRIBAL WEAR” line was earthy and wild, made to bring out the beauty of seeds and sea beans.

Here are some hand-crafted and hand-loved necklaces from my NATURAL ELEGANCE LINE.


Natural Elegance Line: Gorgeous hand-crafted necklaces with an elegant, sophisticated look for more formal events, evening wear, and simply to allow the Queen in you to feel acknowledged and celebrated!

Turquoise, Nickernut, Tears of St. Peter
NATURAL ELEGANCE artisan seed necklace. With Gray Nickernuts, burgundy beans, Poinciana seeds, and Tears of St. Job. I finally drilled Poinciana seeds lengthwise
Mucuna monticola centerpiece, with Lapiz Lazuli and Tears of St. Peter
Prickly Palm centerpiece seed necklace $35

The above red and black themed necklace is made with red and black beans called “Nenes” in Costa Rica. The small ones are Abrus precatorius from a vine, and the larger ones are Ormosia coccinea from a tree. Also included in this dramatic, powerful piece are red “love beans” from a tree that was felled in the Caribbean coast, Acai nuts, and “Chumico” (Soapberry) seeds.


Unakite beads with gray Nickernuts and Tears of St. Peter
Naturally Elegant Mucuna monticola centerpiece necklace, with gray Nickernuts, Tears of St. Peter seeds, lovely Orchid Tree seeds, and Platanilla seeds. $30
Basket Ox Eye (Mucuna holtonii) with Soapberries and Orchid Tree Seeds. $30

These rare “Basket” (Canasta) flat Ox Eye beans were found in two separate places in Costa Rica. They are flatter than the Ox Eye and have sunken spaces. I think they are quite lovely.

Mucuna monticola Collection #1

This was my first collection of the black Ox Eye (Mucuna monticola) seeds, which  are quite rare, having been discovered in 2012. These are from a vine growing in the mountains above Heredia, Costa Rica.

I also have made several necklaces from Sea Purses and Ox Eye beans I have found on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.  Below is my TRIBAL WEAR line.

To purchase a Tropical Jewel necklace, please CLICK HERE. Naturally Beautiful Art 


Tribal Wear: Enjoy your primitive nature and love of this magnificent planet by showing off your own wildness with these earthy pieces.

TRIBAL WEAR artisan necklace. With Sea Purse, Red Sandalwood Tree seeds, Guanacaste Tree seeds, Entada polystachia seeds, and Sea Peas.
Palm nut seed necklace with Golden Rain tree seeds, red Sandalwood tree seeds, and Monkey Pod seeds.
West Indian Locust with an palm seed as centerpiece. $25
Sea Purse (Dioclea reflexa) with gray Nickernuts, Guanacaste tree seeds, and Entada polystachia. $25
Rare black Ox Eye and Basket Seeds with Ormosia Coccinea seeds. $35
Unique West Indian Locust seed necklace with Nickernuts and Poinciana Seeds. $25
Gorgeous West Indian Locust seed necklace with sienna Tagua Nut beads, Guanacaste Tree seeds, Poinciana seeds. $25
Sienna-colored Tagua Nut bead with Golden Rain Tree Seeds and cream-colored Tears of St. Peter. $25 (SOLD)


These beautiful necklaces are made with Sea Purse drift seeds (Dioclea reflexa). If you see one you like, I can make you one. 🙂

Sea Purse centerpiece with Guanacaste Tree seeds, Poinciana Seeds, Entada polystachia seeds, and Sea Peas. $25
Three Ox Eye drift seeds with Poinciana, Sea Purs, and Tears of St. Peter. $25
Spotted Dioclea Reflexa with Golden Rain tree seeds, Velvet pod beans, Entada polystachia seeds, and Soapberry seeds. $35 (due to the Velvet pod seeds) NOT FOR SALE
Sea Purse necklace with Poinciana seeds, Guanacaste Tree seeds, Sea Peas, Golden Rain Tree seeds, and Tears of St. Job. $25
Sea Purse necklace with unknown green beans from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, with Velvet Pod beans, Sea Peas, and other brown seeds. $35 due to Velvet Pod seeds (Mucuna pruriens)
Gorgeous Sea Heart with Guanacaste Tree, and Poinciana seeds. $29
All Black Ox Eye (Mucuna monticola) with Fishtail Palm and Soap Seeds. $25
Beautiful Mucuna monticola necklace with blue Tagua Nut beads and Fishtail Palm, Soapberry, and Orchid Tree seeds.
Mucuna monticola and Nickernuts
Black and Blue color theme with Oxys
Nickernut with green ceramic beads


For more pictures of Naturally Beautiful Necklaces, please CLICK HERE.

Please browse though my “About Tropical Jewels: the seeds, the pods, the flowers” page to see links to my adventures collecting sea beans and seeds for my “Tropical Jewels” necklaces.

I hope you enjoyed these hand-crafted creations made from beautiful natural gifts of Costa Rica’s country side and beaches. Thanks for visiting my site.


10 thoughts on “Artisan Tropical Jewelry

  1. Hi. Love your jewlery!
    I recently found some dark brown seeds under a tree here in Costa Rica. I washed dryed, drilled holes and strung them. Do you know if they are ok to take back to Canada? Will immigration give me a hard time? I also put them in freezer for 3 weeks.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks. Diane


    1. Hi Thomas. I am not making these anymore. And, at the moment I don’t have Poinciana seeds, though I have been wanting to collect some. Perhaps I will, then can make you the necklace. I will let you know. Cheers!!


  2. I would love to purchase a piece. I am in a thr process of creating a Tanio costume for a pageant and I would love to wear one of your pieces.


  3. Hi Jasmine.
    Forgive me, but I did not see your question until now.
    I am no longer making these necklaces.
    However, let me know which you like, and if I have the materials, I can see what we can do.


  4. Hi Suzanne, I admire your beautiful tropical jewelry; they are spectacular. Are you still making tropical jewelry? I have great interest in making tropical jewelry as well but noticed that the tropical seeds I have been using are not holding up; they are decaying. Can you perhaps give me some points as to what product I can use to stop the seeds from decaying. I would appreciate any advice you can give me.


  5. Hi Debbie. Thank you. I had a lot of fun while making them. And, yes, I too think they are beautiful! Hahaha!
    I have some that have held up well for years, and others not.
    I was recently thinking of investigating what might work to help preserve some seeds. I don’t know.
    I had a client tell me once what he put on them, but I can’t recall what it was.
    Maybe a silicone spray might work? Like a water protectant for boots? Something like that.
    I have started keeping the seeds in jars.
    Let me know how it goes.
    I am no longer making necklaces, but keep some seeds for my own use.
    Have fun!!


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