A Deeper Passion

A Deeper Passion
A Deeper Passion

A Deeper Passion 

Several years ago, I had the colors black and red come up during a Focusing session. I don’t recall exactly what their meaning was, but a while later I wrote a poem called “A Deeper Passion” and made a paper collage to symbolize the poem. I think perhaps black symbolizes grief for me, and red, life.

Seeds: Round Monkey Comb, Sea Heart, Ox Eye, Sand Box Tree seed, Starnut palm, A. cornigera thorns, Nenes (Ormosia monosperma? Red and black seeds), red Adenanthera pavonina, and seed pods.

Invitation: Embrace your life. Honor your grieving. Release your fears. Seek your passion.


2 thoughts on “A Deeper Passion

  1. I love them all. This one is simple and elegant. I like the black/red, 3/1, horizontal/perpendicular, the whole of it. More every time I gaze on it. The opening enclosings holding.


    1. Thanks, Cynthia. It’s not a very good picture. I will take another outside. Yes, I see the “opening” and “holding” in several places. I will add this to the “invitation.” 🙂 This one was tough. It took me two days to make, believe it or not. I had to undo and redo quite a bit. Thanks so much for accompanying me through this fun, creative process, Cynthia!


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