The Joy of Going With One’s Flow

the heart of the matter
My first driftwood assemblage, with color, balance, and movement — all put together to create a lovely piece. Mary’s Bean on the top right is quite special.

“The Heart of the Matter.”  (SOLD)

For years I wanted to put together driftwood and drift seed wall collages. Finally, in 2015, I decided to jump right in and do it. I have been having a lot of fun going with my flow.

This is the first wall sculpture I made. It has been sold to a good friend. It is one of my favorites.

Seeds: Sea Heart, Guanacaste Tree Seed, Mary’s Bean, Ox Eye, and shells from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Invitation: Keep Falling Into Your Heart. Seek connection. Love one another.

Here’s a note on Mary’s Bean (top right) from

“Unlike the true sea beans, the Mary’s bean is produced by a beach vine of the morning-glory family (Convolvulaceae). The vine is native to beaches of Central America, and the seeds occasionally drift ashore on beaches of southern Florida. In northern Europe the Mary’s bean was a special find to pious beachcombers. The seed had obviously survived the ocean and would extend its protection to anyone lucky enough to own one. It is also called crucifixion bean because of the cross etched on one side. A woman in labor was assured an easy delivery if she clenched a Mary’s bean in her hand. Seeds were handed down from mother to daughter as treasured keepsakes. The Mary’s bean is also one of the most elusive of all drift seeds.”


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