New 2019 pieces

Here are some of my 2019 driftwood and driftseed collages.

“Good Morning, Starshine.” Driftwood and driftseed wall sculpture. With Mucuna holtonii seeds, Sea Heart (Entada giga), Sea Purses, Soapberries, Entada Polistachia, West Indian Locust seed, Nickernuts, Acacia tree thorn, and shells. May 2019.
“Fall Into Place.” Driftwood collage. With Mary’s Cross beans, Mucuna holtonii, and Soapberries (Chumico seeds). May 2019
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“Making Space.” Drift seed collage on driftwood. With Soapberries (Chumico seeds), Mucuna holtonii, Guanacaste tree seeds, Nickernuts, driftwood, and shells. May 2019.

One just for fun!

“Celebration.”  Sea purse, Sea Heart, Tears of St Peter, with shells and driftwood, on driftwood.
The Garden. Shells on driftwood. (Meant to be standing — see below.)

Standing: OnWall_wildflowers

“Reflections.” Driftseed collage on flat driftwood. Mucuna holtonii, Sea heart, Sea purse, Soapberry, Beach almond seeds, Sandbox Tree seeds, Guanacaste tree seeds, West Indian Locust Tree seeds, palm nuts, Acacia Tree thorn, shells.

One thought on “New 2019 pieces

  1. Dear Suzanne, We were delighted to receive this post of your new work, as it gives us an opportunity to tell you that we think of you often and with great fondness. Some people make a permanent mark on your heart and both Chuck and yourself did that with Marty and me. We only wish that there had been more time to continue the relationship and time, of course, is fleeting and something we have no control over.

    I am glad to hear through the grapevine that you have kept your Colon connections so we hear bits and pieces about you occasionally. We hope you and your son are both doing well and in a good space.

    Just heading to sleep, but I know how I am, so wanted to send love to you before I had a chance to put it off. I sure hope this website doesn’t send this back and you receive this.

    Wishing you much happiness and abundance.


    Diane and Marty

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